Just Another Way Of Getting Orders!

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flayvurdfun Posted 5 Apr 2005 , 2:35pm
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Let me tell ya anytime you get a chance to talk to someone about something you should....cuz even if you dont think your name is out there you could be sadly mistaken!
Heres what happened. Yesterday, I went to the school to get my 7 year old from school. I noticed the flag was not at half mast as ordered by President Bush SOOO I got a bit upset, and decided I was going to go talk to the principal. There was a small group of people around me. THe principal greeted me and I preceeded to ask her why wasnt the flag at half mast for the Pope, as ordered by the President. She looked at me like I was a leopard, so I made her feel comfortable and said, please dont misunderstand me, I am not catholic, but I do believe if the President orders something it should happen (within limits ) and she went on talking about separating house and state yata yata yata" I told her I was not jumping on her, I just wasnt aware if she hadnt heard or if it didnt pertain to school because of the religion thing. anyway, she was going to look into it for today. I thanked her. As I turned to leave I was surprised to hear, "I hear you do wonderful cakes" I stopped and looked at her, then looked around to see if she was talking to me, and she smiled and shoke her head. I smiled and said yes I do cakes from time to time why...come to find out there is a school carnival at the end of the month and she was putting a feeler for me out there to make stuff for it. I told her that I had already been asked by the PTSA and had signed up to do stuff.... I turned back around to leave but a big smile came on my face. I wasnt even aware she knew...but then again I have done cakes for school parties and teachers, but I found her asking was the best compliment I could get thus far.


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Mchelle Posted 5 Apr 2005 , 2:42pm
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Good for you flayvurdfun! You are right, you just never know who you'll met or what you might find out. That's why I talk to everyone.

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melissablack Posted 5 Apr 2005 , 3:13pm
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Good for you! I always just get empty promises.. people say they're going to call me to make a cake, and they never do! It is discouraging. I guess it will happen one of these days!


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Mchelle Posted 5 Apr 2005 , 3:18pm
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Of course it will happen melissa. Don't get discourged. Take this time to brush up on your skills and experiment. One you get busy you will hae very limited time.

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Lisa Posted 5 Apr 2005 , 4:12pm
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Good things happen to good people icon_smile.gif

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diane Posted 5 Apr 2005 , 4:15pm
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hey flavu, waydago!!! icon_cool.gif when the president gives an order it should be done. people have gotten soo ridiculous over the "church and state" thing. for pete's sake, what's the big deal.

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tcturtleshell Posted 5 Apr 2005 , 11:56pm
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Your right Flayv!! thumbs_up.gif
Good for you!! I'm the same way!! That's why I get in trouble so much!! icon_wink.gif all the time!! I have a big mouth!! When your right, your right!!! icon_lol.gif

As for your name getting out there...

I am overwhelmed by my name getting out there! Everytime I go to the store or anywhere else someone always comes up to me wanting to chat about my cakes. I love to talk to them but my hubby gets mad. thumbsdown.gif My family members (aunts, uncles etc) have started to want cakes too. It puts me in a bad position because I am NOT doing these cakes for free!!! I have to explain to them that a lot of time & work goes into decorating!! They have to take it or leave it! I don't charge them much but I do charge them what I had to pay for the ingredients.


YOu are good at what you do!! thumbs_up.gif Don't worry!! The people that make these promises are probably tight wads! They think you should charge them nothing. Keep the faith!! People will be driving you crazy pretty soon!! icon_lol.gif

OH... I forgot to mention when I first started doing cakes for people I made a deal with them... BECAUSE I'M SOOOO SWEET!!!! princess.gif
I gave them their first cake free unless it was a wedding cake or a very large cake. Then after that I would charge. Everyone that I did that with is ordering cakes from me now!! I think that was a great way to advertise!!

PS... I take donations only icon_lol.gif ~TC~

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AngelWendy Posted 7 Apr 2005 , 10:03am
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I am very upset that I just made such a big and involved cake for free for my cousin. I thought for sure she'd at least pay me for the ingredients or offer to pay for it. NOPE. Nothing. I feel used and I don't like it. icon_sad.gif

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flayvurdfun Posted 7 Apr 2005 , 10:59am
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Don't be too upset. Your cousin obviously thought since you were family she didnt have to. I find that happens. I believe someone on here...TC? said they get their payments up front especially from family! You learned something...its not a total loss, but I am sure the cake was fantastic!

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elin Posted 7 Apr 2005 , 12:48pm
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Thats the way to go.
I always talks to people around me too. ( my husbonds nightmare) It is fun to get to know new people, and I am just like that.
And you'r right. Even I am not a catholic, it is with respect for others. It is in a way for the children to learn to accept other way of lifes.
And peoples do know, when someone does a great job. Just sometimes it takes time for them to dare to ask. Chicken people. icon_smile.gif

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