Beautiful Sprinkle Covered Cakes

Easy Peasy Tip For Getting Sprinkles On Side Of Cake

I love the new trend with using nonpareils to cover the sides of cakes but my goodness it can get messy. 

All you need is 

  • a small wax paper square (about the height of your cake) 
  • non-stick cooking spray, and a paper plate. 
  • nonpareils (sprinkles)
Poor some nonpareils onto the plate. 

Just a touch of cooking spray onto your waxed paper. 

Lay the paper on the plate and press gently. 

Lift the waxed paper off the plate and it will be covered with your decoration. 

Line waxed paper up with the bottom on your cake and gently run your finger up and down the paper pushing them onto your freshly frosted (not crusted) buttercream. 

Remove the waxed paper and repeat as needed around your cake. (You will need to respray only about every 3-4 times) 

It is super fast and easy to cover your cake. Filling spots that were missed is simple too. I could not believe how easy it was. Seriously only took about 10 minutes to cover a 2 tier cake and almost no mess to clean up.

By @cj72 in the Cake Decorating Forum

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I wish I had seen this a week ago when I was making a huge mess trying to get sprinkles on the bottom half of a cake for my cousin's birthday.