Sifted Sugar Chicago Cookies Makes Your Mouth Water

I got an early Christmas gift today from my friend Diana.  She had Sifted Sugar ( in Chicago deliver me a holiday box of cookies! 

I really don't like to admit it, but I have become something of a cookie snob. I wasn't always this way, but @LeanneW (our resident cookie addict) sets the bar pretty high with her homemade delights. 

Christmas Package

Before I delve into the delicious details of Sifted Sugar's cookie flavors, I have to tell you about the fantastic packaging. 

Each cookie comes individually wrapped and sealed for freshness inside a lovely silver metallic Christmas box, tied with a red ribbon and holiday card.

My family was only too happy to taste-test and give their honest feedback on this yummy assortment of sweets! Thank you so much Diana for your thoughtful holiday gift!

Sifted Sugar Cookies

Almond Toffee

If ordering cookies for yourself, or as a gift from Sifted Bakery, be sure to include the Almond toffee. It is to die for!

Frosted Sugar Cookie

Surprisingly not too sweet! Icing and cookie stayed soft and moist in the packaging. and the little gingerbread man shaped sugar cookie is adorable!

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Moist and yummy! Perfect for dipping into a glass of milk. Santa would appreciate these cookies!

Give a Yummy Gift Today!

Whether shopping for a last minute Christmas gift, or have any upcoming holiday parties or dinners, I highly recommend giving a Sifted Sugar cookie box. They also have tins and lovely boxes for all occasions.


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