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We have Elvis minions, bride and groom minions and even a minion on a Pogo stick. Check out these super fun top minion cakes.

Minion on a pogo stick Cake

By Pirikos
This is a very special cake made for our son’s third birthday on it’s also our second anniversary doing cakes. It’s been a great adventure this last two years and hope there’s more to come !!!It’s a “pão-de-ló” type cake with “ovos moles” and raspberry curd filling. A treat to the eye and to our senses we think!Hope you like it!

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Hmm, No idea how that error happened, but I fixed. Thank you PrettySweetCake for your contribution to the community.


i am just amazed by all those talentuous cake decorators!! i secretely dream to achieve such beautiful cakes on day!! it seems you all master gravity defying cakes,but there s no way to find one tutorial for a standing minion cake; can someone please share a tuto with us on CC? happy decorating everyone,and thanks for sharing your talent!you make us dream!!!