Have Your Tutorial Featured on CakeCentral.com


As you can see from the Cake Central galleries that are filled with pages and pages of creative cakes, the Cake Central community is filled with incredibly skilled and innovative cakemakers! One of the great things about the Cake Central community is that we love sharing tips, tricks and techniques with fellow cakemakers.

Do you have a tutorial you would like to share on CakeCentral.com? Whether you have a completed tutorial you're ready to share or have an idea for one you’d like to create, we’d love to hear about it! Email your ideas and tutorials to [email protected]

Completed tutorials should include:

  • Photos of each step (the higher the quality of the photos, the better!)
  • Written explanation of each step
  • List of materials
  • Photo of finished project

For examples of previous tutorials, visit these posts from CakeCentral.com users:

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