Before You Were a Cake Maker.. We Want To Know!

What were you in your past life? We want to hear!

Remember the days long ago before you were a cake maker? When your fingernails were icing-free and you didn’t know the difference between buttercream and rolled fondant? Well, Cake Central Magazine is interested in your “I used to be…” stories, describing your career before becoming a cake maker. Send us your stories today, and you could be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine!

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I have had an exciting life, first as a wife and mother, then as a Film Producer/Post Production supervisor and as a high school teacher. Although the film business was very exciting I decided to teach high school because I love teenagers and knew I could be a positive influence in some of their life decisions. I taught about 240 students per day, almost all year round. My students were from the inner city of Los Angeles, most of them gang members and most of them without hope of a productive future. I taught an after school film production/post production. This incorporated the entire process from inception of an idea to the final edit and screening for the entire student body. This class brought out the humor, wit and imagination the students never realized they had. My culinary Arts Class and Entrepreneurship/small business classes were unbelievable. Imagine rival gang member, thugs, young felons, daintily advising each other as they made intricate napkin folds. What I taught my students was that not only could they walk into a food service business and get a job, they gained the confidence to walk into an interview room. These classes rapidly became self sustaining, as they took the knowledge gained from me to open and run a fast food restaurant on campus 3 days a week.