Presenting THE FASHION ISSUE of Cake Central Magazine

We are beyond excited to announce the latest issue of Cake Central Magazine (V4, I9), The Fashion Issue.

Cake Central Magazine The Fashion Issue

At Cake Central, we know that an expertly crafted cake and an exquisitely designed dress are much the same— they both begin with a vision, each decision an expression of the artists’ identity and interpretation of the world around them.

The fashion industry is an unspoken gift to cakemakers, lending itself naturally to the process of cake design in a relationship of both inspiration and recognition. With this in mind, we selected our favorite designs from the 2013 runway shows to use as inspiration pieces, and set an incredibly talented group of cakemakers to the task of translating each look into a creation inspired by design, yet entirely unique. The results were stunning, the cakes proving to be just as elegant and innovative as the couture that inspired them.

In addition to pages filled with stunning cakes, we had the chance to chat with Fiona Cairns, creator of the Royal Wedding cake and decorator to England’s elite. She shared with us her story of success as well as her experience with William and Kate’s cake. To learn more and download the magazine, visit

Meet Ana S. Silva, the creator of the cover cake featured on the latest issue of Cake Central Magazine (V4, I9)!

Cake Ink. by Anna

Ana S. Silva of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, has had an interest in cake decorating since the age of nine. Having worked in the restaurant sector for many years, Ana was familiar with the food industry long before entering the cake world. Like many cakemakers, her interest in cake decorating began only as a hobby, but encouragement from her friends and family convinced her to make cake decorating a career. Ana has been decorating cakes since 2005, and apart from a few decorating classes, she is completely self-taught. As her career and skill set blossom, Ana aspires to open her own cake shop and to one day teach classes herself.

Here’s what Ana had to say about the glittering, fashion-inspired design gracing the cover of this month’s issue:

When I saw the [inspiration] photos, I was left in awe. I was blown away by how beautiful the dress was. When I researched the designer, Zuhair Murad, I noticed that he incorporated sequins into a lot of his work. I decided I had to do the same with my design. I wanted to capture the elegance of Murad and his work. After putting a lot of thought into the planning and designing of the cake, I thought it would be best created using simple tools. For example, I used small round tips to create the sequins.

My favorite part would have to be the shimmer of the sequins. My objective was to recreate the shimmery look from the sequins in the dress. I thought it would be extremely difficult to capture something that complex on a cake, but in the end I think the cake reflects the same look perfectly. I think the sequencing was the most important element on the cake. The quality of the sequencing reflects the quality of the overall design.


Cake Ink. by Anna

Check out The Fashion Issue of Cake Central Magazine (V4, I9) to see close-up photos of our cover cake as well as other cakes created with Zuhair Murad’s dress design as inspiration.

Ana S. Silva’s at-home cake studio, Cake Ink,. is located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. You can check out more of her designs at

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What a honor to be part of this fantastic issue! Congratulations to all the cake artists who participated in this great edition! All the cakes are absolutely beautiful, I'm in love!! Thanks Cake Central Magazine!!!!! xoxo