Heather Sherman's Frog Prince Cake

Heather Sherman’s Frog Prince Cake, featured in Cake Central Magazine Volume 4, Issue 10 deserves a second look, especially as it is perfect for the Halloween season. Here is what she had to say about her creative process and creating a cake to fit the Brothers Grimm theme.  Keep reading to hear about her cake decorating process.

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The Legend of the Frog Prince is actually very personal, and I am familiar from childhood with Rackham’s illustrations. He did two illustrations for The Frog Prince, the one of her carrying him up the stairs, and the other where she begs for her golden ball at the mouth of the well in the forest. This second illustration is a family favorite, and is the image I chose to recreate for this cake.

I started by drawing a completion around the edge of the illustration, in both the top, side, and front views. That 100% scale drawing was my blueprint for everything else. The Frog, Princess, and Ball are solid gumpaste/fondant mix, sculpted, allowed to dry, and assembled in stages. The trees, leaves, and grass are all individually cut/applied. The base color of a heavy ivory was a beginning point for all tints which were then airbrushed with a deep sepia wash to unify all the dark tones in the scene.

The Gold Ball alone was left untouched by sepia, and it shines as the only untarnished focus in the representation.

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