Lucks Dena Designs Edible Image® Contest Winner


Congratulations, KarasCoutureCakes!

We’ve tallied up the votes, and the winner is clear: KarasCoutureCakes’ collection of modern square cakes was the Cake Central community’s favorite and the winner of the Lucks Dena Designs Edible Image® Contest! Kara’s creative cakes feature Edible Image® designs in the style of gumpaste techniques, adding cheerful color and eclectic flair to classic ruffles and flowers. As the winning entry, her three cakes will appear in detail in an upcoming issue of Cake Central Magazine.

When all the entries for the Lucks Dena Designs Edible Image® Contest came in, we knew voting for just one winner would be a tough task. All the cakes in the contest are stunning and use Edible Image® designs from the Dena Designs Designer Prints™ collection for Lucks in unique and creative ways. Many of the cakemakers innovatively worked with the Edible Image® designs in styles we’ve never even seen before, and all the cakes are sure to inspire.

We’d like to thank all of the talented cake decorators who entered the exclusive Lucks Dena Designs Edible Image® Contest hosted by Cake Central. All the entries were beautiful and perfectly showcased how versatile the Dena Designs Designer Prints™ collection for Lucks can be.




Created to bring design to the side of the cake, Designer Prints™ designs match up from strip to strip and can easily be wrapped around your desserts or cut into pieces or shapes for smaller treats. Printed with stable food colors on a starch and sugar base, they are more resistant to fading than Print On-Demand technology. They meld to the surface by absorbing moisture from the icing, cut easily after application and can be used on frozen treats! Designed for the professional cake decorator, these are easy to use for the home decorator too!

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I'm sure I speak on behalf of the other artists involved that the world got it right - your designs were amazing! Congratulations!