Sketch to Cake: Anshalica Miles' Ombre Cake

While choosing photos for the spread in the April issue of Cake Central Magazine, we almost didn’t notice that Anshalica Miles included a sketch of her ombre cake along with her pictures. It blended in so well that we knew we had to share it with you! Here’s what she said about creating her sketch and making her cake.

Destiny's Delights Custom Cakes


“The first thing that I noticed [after] receiving the inspiration photo was the contrast of color combinations between the model’s dress and the model’s hair. When looking at the model’s dress I felt that the light pink flowers and baby’s breath incorporated with the texture of the fabric created a spring, country garden mood, but the model’s hair felt bright and edgy with the deeper greens and bright pink. When putting together a sketch I start[ed] with a blank outline of the cake. After drawing the sketch, it [was] then scanned to add color, flowers, wording or texture. I try to get the final sketch as close to what I am envisioning to see how the colors and design would translate on the cake.

“With this cake, I incorporated the Ombre effect through the tiers by hand painting them to start with a light cream changing over to a deepening yellow and ending with a dark green. I wanted to try and recreate the texture of the fabric from the inspiration photo for the bows and ribbon around the tiers. I was able to achieve this design by using a woven pattern embosser and hand painting yellow to mimic the fabric. I continued the color contrast within the gum paste stargazer lilies, leaves and baby’s breath. The flowers for the top of the cake were painted with light pinks and greens, while the side flowers were painted with deeper greens and yellows. Finishing off the cake was the final pop of color from the hot pink stargazer lily.” – Anshalica Miles

Destiny's Delights Custom Cakes

Anshalica runs Destiny’s Delights Custom Cakes in Wendell, NC, US. You can see more photos of Anshalica’s Cake in the April issue of Cake Central Magazine.


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Thanks to cakecentral and Anshalica, iam to make a wedding cake in june, of a blue colour contrast in fondant which i haven't done before but with Anshalica's work, i think i have a little idea on how to. I will be greatful if u expantiate the ombre effects to me. Thanks Akamba Dien. NG