Volume 4 Issue 4 - It's All About Ombre!

Cover Cake by Mimi Hood, Mocha Treats Alexandria, VA

Cover Cake by Mimi Hood (Miarch23) , Mocha Treats Alexandria, VA

Cake Central Magazine April 2013 Volume 4 Issue 4

April: Colorful Ombre Cakes and Daring Designs

Push-up cake pops, mochi cake and recipes for cooking with currants. Plus.. Marina Bolisacova, Saudi Arabia’s foremost female cake decorator.

Cover Cake by Mimi Hood, Mocha Treats Alexandria, VA

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  • OMBRE Beauty & Fashion inspire daring cake designs
  • Whisked Away to Nebraska: Cakes Across America
  • Marina Bolisacova Decorating and making history in Saudi Arabia
  • Tasty Trends Push-up cake pops, currants & mochi
  • Kitchen Chaos a surprise visit from the in-laws


  • Your Slice: Tools of the Trade
    What is the one cake decorating tool you could not live without?
  • Spotlight
    Big Ambition Going from hobby baking to owning a bakery is a complicated step to take. By Christie Jackson
  • Cakes Across America Nebraska
    A big hello from the Cornhusker State!
  • Diary of a Decorator
    When the In-Laws Came to Town
    An unexpected visit makes for one crazy weekend. By Katrina Knill
  •  Feature
    Making Waves in Saudi Arabia
    Moldovan-born cake decorator Marina Bolisacova is bringing European cake-making techniques to Saudi Arabia and making strides for Saudi women and cake decorators.
  • Dear Cake Genius
    Time management tips and avoiding baking blemishes. By Jennifer Bratko
  • Tutorial
    Ombre Opulence
    This sugar crystal tutorial puts a twist on the coveted ombre look. By Sophie Bifield
  • Web Browsing
    Sugary Winzy
    New to the blogging scene, but not to baking
  • Business of Baking
    Befriending the Competition
    Finding support, camaraderie and, yes,  friendship at the rival bakery. By Regina McRae
  • Ever Wonder
    Push-Up Cake Pops
    Ever wonder what new trend is coming to the cake scene? By Kari Vandraiss
  • Inspiration Bites
    Sugary Sayings
    We can all use a little extra kick to get going in the morning every once in a while.
  • Recipes
    Stay Currant
    These sweet currant recipes are perfect for spring, whether it’s a crisp, sunny day or gray and rainy.
  • International Desserts
    More Mochi, Please!
    Give your next treat a Japanese twist with this blueberry mochi cake.


  • Swept Away
    Red and blue cakes are dramatic and feisty, confident and independent.
  • Ethereal Spark
    Pink and green cakes are calm but powerful, delicate but commanding.
  • Dark Streak
    Navy and pink is edgy yet withdrawn, vulnerable yet brave.
  • New Growth
    Yellow and green brings contemplative defiance, lofty grace and a bit of a wild spark.

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