BeyondButtercream and Team Scalr Save the Day (Again!!)

What do cupcakes and server crashes have in common? Let me tell you…

Last Week we had a server crash on due to some hardware failure over at Amazon AWS. We were facing some heavy data loss, but thanks to the team over at (where most of the Cake Central server magic happens!) we had a 100% recovery with NO data loss, and were back up in less than 2 hours! Needless to say, I needed to send these geeks some serious gratitude in the form of cupcakes.   It just so happens they are headquartered in San Fransisco, right in‘s (CC member FromScratchSF) neighborhood. This time, fortunately, there was no emergency and the cupcakes were able to be ordered and delivered with 48 hours notice.

1 dozen chocolate peanut butter cupcakes
1 dozen vanilla squared cupcakes
1 dozen dark chocolate creme brulee (which I have heard is EXCELLENT!)

Show them some love!

If you are super grateful for the awesome technology that Scalr provides to help keep alive, show them some love! Send more cupcakes, cookies, or just a nice tweet!

Or if you are looking to support a fellow CC member, order some cupcakes, treats or a cake for your next event (or just because!) from, then tell your friends!

Scalr Team member Paul, loving the cupcakes

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