2012 - The Year of the Owl and the Octopus

2012, I dub thee,  ”year of the owl and octopus”

What do Strigiformes have to do with  cephalopods? Well, practically nothing in the animal kingdom, but in the cake world.. everything! As the spring season closes in on us, don’t be surprised if you start getting requests for cakes in the “owl” or “octopus” theme, particularly for baby shower cakes, and children’s cakes.

The owl theme really picked up steam in 2011 on sites like pinterest.com, where we can see an increasing number of stationary, nursery decor and jewelry featuring owls.  

(octopi?) have been gaining a lot of traction in the craft market over the past few years, namely the “steampunk” style jewelry and art. It didn’t really catch on in the cake world until the blog-o-sphere exploded with Karen Portaleo’s (highlandbakery.com) famous Octopus cake made for a benefit at the Georgia Aquarium. Since then we have seen more and more cupcakes, cake-pops and wedding cakes with Octopuses, and very recently the baby boutique clothing, and home decor has started catching on.

Make sure you are subscribed to the CakeCentral.com Newsletter, we will be announcing upcoming contests in the next few months, specifically in the “owl” and “octopus” themes!

Now would be an excellent time to put together a dummy cake for your shop or website in an owl or octopus theme

(and maybe enter it in an upcoming CC contest )



highland bakery octopus cake

highland bakery octopus cake

"OWLCTOPUS" Steampunk Necklace By CosmicFirefly.etsy.com

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