In a similar fashion as ‘Brush Embroidery’, you can create sketch-like effects with SugarVeil Icing.

List of Materials

  • SugarVeil Icing
  • Icing Dispenser, parchment cone, or piping bag fitted with small tip
  • Flat toothpick
  • parchment paper (greased)


1. Start with a simple flower design outlined with frilled edges.


2. Mix SugarVeil Icing as directed. After mixed, stir in a few drops of additional water to use in the SugarVeil Icing Dispenser. Place cartridge over mixture and, using plunger, fill cartridge 2/3 full with the icing. Here’s the Icing Disenser – Alternately, you can use a parchment cone, or a piping bag fitted with a small tip.


3. Place a sheet of greased parchment over the design. Attach the largest tip (salmon-colored) to the cartridge and insert into the Icing Dispenser. Place your finger over the hole of the Icing Dispenser [] and trace the outside lines. The reason for the frilled edges is so a substantial amount of icing can be placed at the edges of the petals.


4. Using a flat toothpick, pull the edges of the petal outlines toward the center in swift strokes, leaving small spaces between the strokes.


5. When the outer edges have all been ‘pulled’ inward to create sketched lines, use the Icing Dispenser to outline the second set of petals.


6. Use the flat toothpick again to pull the border line of the interior set of petals inward.


7. When SugarVeil Icing is set, remove the flower by pulling the parchment paper in a downward direction over a sharp edge.


8. (close up) Pulling the parchment paper in a downward direction over a sharp edge to release the set SugarVeil decoration.


9. Place these SugarVeil ‘sketched’ flowers onto any cake surface (ganache shown here), or float them atop a sauce for a plated dessert. — with SugarVeil Confectionery Icing.


10. Close-up: SugarVeil ‘sketched’ flowers placed onto ganache cake. For other Mini-tutorials, visit and



Annabakescakes Says... 4 Feb 2012 , 11:24pm

I am amazed that works! It is beautiful!

BobbiT Says... 5 Feb 2012 , 12:08am

What a lovely cake. Very clever.

lin5041 Says... 5 Feb 2012 , 2:23am

fab cannot wait

katiepants Says... 5 Feb 2012 , 3:53am

This is gorgeous, I can't wait to try it!

naheed68 Says... 5 Feb 2012 , 8:30am

This is absolutely gorgeous :)

JWinslow Says... 5 Feb 2012 , 8:59pm

Really like this. Thank you for sharing. Time to experiment again - :)

cambo Says... 6 Feb 2012 , 4:44pm

This is a really beautiful technique!

newhomebaker Says... 7 Feb 2012 , 12:56pm

Once the icing has set and is hard, how to you get it to BLEND on the edges of the cake WITHOUT breaking the flowers??????

emilyg Says... 7 Feb 2012 , 1:26pm

Newhome, when the SugarVeil Icing is set, it is flexible, which allows it to bend and blend nicely atop the cake's surface. There's more information that shows how SugarVeil works at and Thank you!

Beaty419 Says... 8 Feb 2012 , 1:05pm

I love Sugarveil!!!

zuckerblumen Says... 13 Feb 2012 , 10:29am

Hope this isn't a stupid question...Is there a recipe for this icing or do you have to order it?

emilyg Says... 14 Feb 2012 , 1:53pm

zuckerblumen, you can order SugarVeil Icing from Global Sugar Art - it's a dry mix icing that you use to do the above tutorial as well as many other things which you can see photos of here: and here (videos of techniques): There are also recipes using SugarVeil to make a buttercream icing, coconut chocolate bark, and a few other things here:

biskane2008 Says... 13 Jan 2014 , 3:04am

O this beautiful i can't wait to try it

ALORI45 Says... 10 Aug 2014 , 7:02pm

How hard is it to work with?

CakeChik Says... 11 Aug 2014 , 6:35am

I LOVE this! Getting Sugar Veil in this week, I can't wait to try it out! :D Wonderful tutorial!

patticakes1959 Says... 11 Aug 2014 , 10:27am

What can I use if I don't have the icing dispenser? Would a syringe with a blunt needle on it work? (I am a nurse and have access to that kind of thing)

moyofore Says... 15 Aug 2014 , 11:38am

I have been looking for this technique, thanks!!

moyofore Says... 15 Aug 2014 , 11:39am

I have been looking for this technique, thanks!!

asskicks Says... 13 Sep 2014 , 8:26am

Wow i didn't know it was made like that thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gaviota4fly Says... 13 Sep 2014 , 12:49pm

Waoh! Beautiful!

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