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Hi there, and welcome from a Texas newbie. I've been here only a few days myself, and can vouch for all the great people you have found here, as well as a wealth of information. All that, and so much fun too! I don't think my accent shows in my typing, except I can't resist throwing a ya'll in here once in a while.

Welcom again, and have a great time! Janice
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HI there! In Course II you learn to do a lot of different flowers with royal icing. It's much different to use this and it's hard to get the consistency right the first time or two. The flowers come out great, though, and they last for a long time.. like months! You also learn to make colorflow icing - usually birds, though I convinced my teacher to let me make butterflies instead.

I just completed Course II. My final cake came out really pretty, but as soon as I got it home it cracked in half. I think it's because I didn't level the bottom layer and the basketweave is very heavy on the sides and it pulled the sides down and split it. Make sure you level your final cake! icon_smile.gif

Try not to get too frustrated with the class and remember that once you're done with the classes you can get creative again and have more fun!

Here's the pictures of mine before it self-destructed. You can see the other pix in the Cake Disasters forum in the thread called "Earthquake Cake..".

Best of luck!!
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It sure looks like we get at least one new person a day!! Great!!! The more the merrier.
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Hiya! I'm also new here. Never posted before, but I've also become addicted to cakecentral. Thanks Tammy for telling me about this website!!! I have learned so many cool things on here and gotten lots of ideas. I finally put one of my cakes on here a few days ago, my "Welcome Home" cake. Under Military if you want to see it.

I can't believe how many of you live in GA! I live in Warner Robins, GA (Actually I live on Robins AFB).

About the accents. I was getting my hair done a few weeks ago. He was trying to guess where I was from, from my accent. He said definitely not from the south. I started laughing. Told him I was from AL. He never would have guessed. Hehe

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