Valentine Hearts

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Your cake is very nice, pretty bow & the presentation is great. May I make a couple of suggestions for the future? Your borders are big for the size of the cake. Use a smaller tip - about a 16. And you ask about 'tier' or layers...well in this case it's both:) You've used single layers but tiered it when you put a smaller one on top of another. HTH


It is very nice, it looks like you took your timeto do it, very pretty. But I have to agree, your piping work is too big for the size of the cake. About tiers and layers. Tiers are like "floors", yours is a 2 tier cake. Layers are when you cut your cake horizontally (called torting), fill it with buttercream or any other filling and then put the other cake layer on top, then decorate. Or make 2 cakes, put filling and then sandwich them together. Keep it up!

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