RI Icing Princess Carriage

Carriage that will be part of DD's Princess Castle cake. All RI. Made using a technique I saw Michelle Bommarito (sp) use on the Food Network Christmas Cake Challenge; piping RI on an inflated balloon, then deflating the balloon once it was dry. It's a little crooked since the balloon started deflating a little before I was done. Dusted with NuSilver & Aztec Gold Luster Dusts mixed with Super Pearl. TFL!


giggysmack Says... 7 years ago

Oh Wow!!! This is really beautiful thanks for sharing

smitakasargod Says... 7 years ago

What a fantastic idea. Definitely want to try it some day :D

morganacake Says... 7 years ago

What a good idea. Into my favs!

Bwana Says... 7 years ago

You did an AWESOME job!

nicsnala99 Says... 7 years ago

wow, that is a cool idea, i saw her do that on food tv cahallenge also! i tried it using choc. its a great trick! ur carriage is so cool, u cant even tell it crooked. dont b 2 hard on urself! :)

PaulaT Says... 7 years ago

Very clever - you must have amazing patience - this is stunning! :wink:

gateaux Says... 7 years ago

This is beautiful, I wish I could do such intricate work. WOW Great Job .... Good Luck.

lanibird Says... 7 years ago

Thank you all for your nice comments! They make me as giddy as I was when I finished it, and saw it put together. :lol: It was done freehand because I was afraid that any ink put on the balloon to mark out the pattern would stain the RI. The wheel bases are 18 gage floral wire coated (quite thickly :D ) in RI then attached to the wheels.

snowshoe1 Says... 8 years ago

Wow - this is just fantastic! Thank you for sharing your technique. I'm looking forward to seeing the final cake! :D

bethola Says... 8 years ago

OH MY WORD! This is INCREDIBLE! You ROCK right along with Michelle, Girl!

melkneec Says... 8 years ago

looks great!!! :D

crazy4sugar Says... 8 years ago

Gorgeous...I love the gold touches!

becky27 Says... 8 years ago

this is so pretty...did you use a pattern or was it freehand?? how are the wheels attached??? beautifuly done!!!

susanscakebabies Says... 8 years ago

That is very cool, great job!! ;-D

Momkiksbutt Says... 7 years ago

Absolutely great!! I might try this for my christmas cake!

allycook Says... 7 years ago

Not only do I love the carriage, but the trees are great too. Great! :roll:

sylly Says... 7 years ago

just- wow!!!!!

TASHA22284 Says... 7 years ago

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I love it!

ldyson40 Says... 7 years ago

It looks like Cinderella's carriage

fillyblunt275 Says... 7 years ago

one word! AMAZING!! ;-D

mommyof3boyz Says... 7 years ago

That is amazing!!! I just read your "catty" post and you are too ard on yourself! You are really talented!

mommyof3boyz Says... 7 years ago

That is amazing!!! I just read your "catty" post and you are too hard on yourself! You are really talented!

terrig007 Says... 7 years ago

I love the carriage. It is wonderful and wish I had your talent! :D

Sugar_Plum_Fairy Says... 7 years ago

Wow, that's gorgeous! You really did an incredible job with this! Absolutely beautiful!

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