Blue, Brown, And White Gift

Made a similar cake for a friend and her dd wanted one like it (different colors) for her b-day. Choc. cake with choc. bc filling. tfl.


sylly Says... 8 years ago

I absolutely love the color combo and how the BC looks!

cocakedecorator Says... 7 years ago

i really like your bow and the blue and brown is such a good combo. I think the bc could be a bit smoother and from the pic the bottom border looks a bit small.

jennyleehicks Says... 8 years ago


sylly Says... 7 years ago

lol- AGAIN I have already commented on this one- your style seems to be one I am drawn to! I love it!!

JRAE33 Says... 7 years ago

critique group member: I love the color combo. Your design is great. BC could be smoother, but I can't get smooth bc myself :lol: I would have chosen a different cake board. It just doesn't go with your cake at all. I like to buy tissue paper (you can get so many great colors) and wrap the board, then cover with wax paper. You can still see the paper, and it's food safe.

Tramski Says... 7 years ago

I like the color choices the flow together nicely, the frosting could be smoother and the a complimentary board would have been nice, but I still love the cake and I am sure you daughter did too.

Daisys_Cakes Says... 7 years ago

Critique group member: Very cute! I love the colors and the bow loks grear, but I have to say that design seems a bit busy. Also the icing is not very smooth.

tiptop57 Says... 8 years ago

Hey Jadak, don't be afraid of using plain colored paper as too not clash with your cakes. A tag is an exception I use to writing on a cake fo my European rule and yours a nice touch. I actually when out to Ebay and found a gift tag cookie cutter to use when I put tags on my cakes. :D

ronniefay Says... 7 years ago

That is the first time I have seen a bow like that! How original and cute! 8O

Steady2Hands Says... 7 years ago

Critique Group Member: This is really cute! Other than the critiques already mentioned, I would suggest to not push the fondant circles down too deep so you can prevent the b/c from squishing up through the circles.

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