John & Rachel

4-6-8" rounds, scratch chocolate with whipped milk chocolate ganache and vanilla swiss meringue butter cream. Thanks to sweet_as_tisse for instructions on the ribbon roses & moydear77 for helpful pm advice. This cake was inspired by wespams single tier cake. I was dissapointed with the piping, the smbc had so many air pockets and the strands kept breaking...nearly cried. I am thankful that the couple really enjoyed this cake though and didnt have the eye for mistakes that I do. handmade crystal monogra


mbasic Says... 8 years ago

Great cake. The entire presentation is great

sweet_as_tisse Says... 8 years ago

this is beautiful melysa, your roses are fantastic!!

melysa Says... 8 years ago

thank you! lanibird, i was so concerned about the bad piping that i had forgotten how worried i was originally that the roses would stay up on the sides of the smbc!!! thanks for following up- i used toothpicks and chilled the cake before putting them in and transporting. it sat for several hours with no problems..

dflorita Says... 8 years ago

Love it, love it, l-o-v-e it!!! I'll bet the couple was thrilled. It really is charming.

Iloveweddings Says... 8 years ago

I think it looks great. I like it.

lanibird Says... 8 years ago

I'm happy you were able to find a way to get those roses to stay! They are beautiful, and so is the cake!

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