How Do I Make Loop Bows For My Cake?

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Jackie Posted 12 Jul 2004 , 8:00pm
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We have a step by step article for you!

How To Make a Fondant Loop Bow


Please feel free to post any questions or comments here!

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kika Posted 30 Jul 2004 , 2:59am
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i have one more question, i have something called candy kote wafers- white, from CK products, is that the same thing as candy melts, if not would i still be able to use it as the "glue"? thank you very much for answering my other question!

Jackie Posted 30 Jul 2004 , 3:03am
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I have never used the wafers myself.
As far as I know you can.

Sina Posted 31 Aug 2004 , 1:09am
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My first bow on my second stacked cake. Thanks to the person who gave these great instructions. One thing I did forget to do the.... color the candy melts to match the color the the bow. I will post the cake. Green B-day cake...

Sina icon_biggrin.gif

-TenderHeart Posted 7 Mar 2005 , 2:32am
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These instructions and photos are wonderfully helpful. I've read instructions for this before, but they didn't make sense to me until now. Thank you. thumbs_up.gif

SquirrellyCakes Posted 13 Mar 2005 , 5:10pm
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Just looked at this as I was looking for instructions to pass on to other folks. There is a typo in it, where it stated to roll to 14 inches thickness, it should be 1/4 inch thickness.
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes

MrsMissey Posted 13 Mar 2005 , 6:36pm
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Originally Posted by kika

i have one more question, i have something called candy kote wafers- white, from CK products, is that the same thing as candy melts, if not would i still be able to use it as the "glue"? thank you very much for answering my other question!

I tried to use that to hold cookies on a stick and it did not hold! The Wilton brand held the cookies on just fine but the CK Products did not! I guess the CK Products would work on the bow because the loops aren't as heavyas the cookies.

SquirrellyCakes Posted 13 Mar 2005 , 11:44pm
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Haven't tried that brand, I use Merckens, but yes it should work just fine, it is really just being used to keep the loops together and you make a fairly large gloop of it.
The candy melts aren't meant to hold cookies on a stick, on a stick. I still find the best way to make cookies on a stick, is to insert the stick or craft stick while the cookies is being cooked and sometimes it is best, for the larger cookies, to put extra dough in the area where the cookie goes over the stick.
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes

farrah Posted 19 May 2005 , 2:03pm
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I have a question when doing the two strips for the ribbon ends how you you get them to be wavy like in the picture before bow is constructed. I also have a question on how fondant swags or drapes on the cakes are done(how to get them to look soft and to lay like cloth). Also on average how many loops for a decent sized bow. At the beginning of the instructions where you start with a tennis sized ball are you supposed to half that then start the rolling out process or just start rolling with that amount.Thanks

bulldog Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 7:03pm
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thanks, for the picture instructions. I think I can feel somewhat confidant when I try my first bow now!!!!

sue_dye Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 7:24pm
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Here is my first one.. I got the instruction on here. I used royal frosting for my glue colored the same shade. To get the tails of your bow to have a nice shape to them, just put some rolled up paper towels under it.

Daniela Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 7:42pm
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Really cute bow Sue. The color is really nice icon_biggrin.gif

sue_dye Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 7:50pm
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Thanks Daniela,
Before I glued the bow together I assembled it in a 6 inch round cake pan with out the glue, To get an idea how I wanted it to look. They are not hard to do at all and they look so pretty.

angelcake4u Posted 24 Sep 2005 , 2:20pm
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I have got two bows made for a cake tomorrow. Should I put the bows on when the is delivered of will the bows travel okay on the cake. Any opinions?

sue_dye Posted 24 Sep 2005 , 3:16pm
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Hi angelcake4u

They should be ok on the cake, make sure you put a nice amount of buttercream under it to keep it in place. Don't forget to post your pictures.

angelcake4u Posted 24 Sep 2005 , 3:18pm
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Thanks: sue_dye

Oh no, I just thought about this: will the buttercream on the cake break down the royal icing that is holding the bow together?

sue_dye Posted 24 Sep 2005 , 3:24pm
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That's what I used and I had no problem with it break down the royal icing. I had it on the cake all day and when I took it off I scraped the buttercream off and kept the bow.... I still have it and it still looks nice.

angelcake4u Posted 24 Sep 2005 , 3:28pm
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Thanks, I am so worried about this cake. I made my bows with MMF instead of gumpaste. The loops don't look quite as thin as the one's made with gumpaste. It will be the highest (price) paid cake that I have made so far. Did that make sense? lol

sue_dye Posted 24 Sep 2005 , 3:42pm
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If you will feel better putting it on at time of delivery that will be fine. I understand you don't want any thing to go wrong. I'm sure it will turn out ok.

angelcake4u Posted 24 Sep 2005 , 3:53pm
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I think I am thinking about it too much. I'm sure you know how that feels. Thanks for your help!

itsacake Posted 24 Sep 2005 , 4:55pm
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I haven't done a huge number of bows, but when I have, I cut out a round of gumpaste and attached the bow to that before putting it on the cake. That way it could be removed in one piece before cutting and I didn't have to worry about the icing breaking down the bow, or colors bleeding or.....

crimsonhair Posted 25 Sep 2005 , 4:03am
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Love your bow sue_dye . Gorgeous bow and color..

sue_dye Posted 25 Sep 2005 , 4:15am
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Thank you Liz.

chefali Posted 25 Sep 2005 , 10:53pm
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I have tried making the bow loops with fondant, but I have had a terrible time with them cracking and breaking. Can someone please help me understand if this just happens or if I am just doing something wrong?

dky Posted 12 Oct 2005 , 12:07am
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thumbs_up.gif Thank you for the easy to follow instructions... I have only attempted one before and it was a flop, but having said that I did not do anything remotley similar to your instructions. I feel confident the next one will be just right.

traci Posted 17 Oct 2005 , 7:46pm
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Hi. I am curious as to how many strips of fondant you will need to cut??? About how many loops will go on each row??? Do you need to mix ant gumtex with the fondant??? I would like to try this but do not want to make a huge mess!!! Thanks!!! icon_smile.gif

Cady Posted 17 Oct 2005 , 8:10pm
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I like these instructions sure beets the way i've been trying to do it!!!!!!

izzybee Posted 7 Nov 2005 , 8:02pm
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I can't thank you enough! I used the candy melts and that is the perfect glue because it sets up so quickly. Perfect the first time! Thanks again.

Nitu Posted 7 Nov 2005 , 8:08pm
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Thanks Jackie.

Sue your bow is really cute. Love the colors.


sue_dye Posted 8 Nov 2005 , 12:04am
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Thanks Nitu

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