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True Black MMF

An easy and true black MMF that is easy to make, and tastes great!

True Black MMF


  • 6 oz. of semi sweet chocolate chips (about half of a bag) 1 bag of mini marshmallows 3 tbsp. of clear Karo syrup 3 tbsp. water 1 1lb. bag of powdered sugar gel black food coloring Crisco


  1. Put your marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl, add the water, and microwave on high for 1 minute. Stir mixture, and microwave for another minute. When marshmallows come out they will be HOT, stir again, scraping the sides with a scraper. Immerdiately add your chocolate chips, and stir until the chips are completely melted. Add your karo syrup and stir again this time with a butter knife, making sure that all of your syrup is incorporated. Add a good amount of black gel food coloring, and stir again with your knife, making sure that you scrape around the edges. Once your mixture is the blackest black that you can get, (I added about 1-2 tsp. of the gel coloring) then add about half of your bag of powdered sugar, and stir until the mixture is thick, with your knife. Grease your hands liberally with Crisco and add the rest of the powdered sugar* to the bowl. Knead your fondant until all of the powdered sugar is gone. Store for up to a month wrapped in plastic wrap, sealed in a gallon Ziploc, and stored in an airtight container.
  2. *Depending on the humidity in your area it might take a little more powdered sugar, or even a little less to get the consistancy of fondant.

Comments (89)

I have been looking for a black fondant recipe for weeks, glad I have found this one, Im going to try it tonight. Thank you so much
I made this today and boy oh boy it turned out amazingly! Thank you for sharing....I now have another project to accomplish...cake #2..go me go...:)
what is karo syprup? What might i find it?
Karo is a brand name for corn syrup, it comes in light and dark. I think the light is what is used here.
What size bag of mini marshmallows? 10.5 ounces or 16 ounces?
by the looks of the rest of the ingredients & their amounts i would guess it's a 16 oz bag.
HI, I am from Melbourne and i cant find mini marshmallows. Can i use the bigger ones. They come in pink and white. Will that be ok. Please let me know. Thanks.
I think you can use the pink and the white ones since you desire a black fondant. ;-)
Is the taste better than Wiltons? Theirs is so nasty to me.
wow! Thanks so much for posting this. Iv always had trouble with black mmf and i just used it tonight and it was amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! Now if only there was a way to get perfect red
what brand of black gel did you use? I have not had a good experience with black coloring. Thanks in advance!
I use Americolor gel and it is fantastic. I do not have to use nearly as much coloring as when I use the wilton coloring. And Charleesgal: I have made regular MMF before and it tastes way better than Wilton's fondant. I am pretty sure playdoh tastes better than their fondant lol. :) Hope that helps.
Amazing and easy! i made it tonight in like 10 minutes!!!
I love this! To get black fondant I have always bought the chocolate and colored it black... This tastes so much better, does crumble and looks amazing! Thank you so much, will definately keep on using!
This looks like an amazing recipe, i'm very eager to try it out. and i agree with previous posts, wilton fondant is very disgusting. looks great, tastes like plastic. thank god for marshmallows!
Can anyone how has tried this tell me what size marshmallow bag? please
I just made this I used 160z bag of small marshmallows I used 2lbs of 10x because I was looking at two different recipes. OOPs and I use one extra tablespoon of water. It mixed to a great black and my god is it yummy. I can't wait until my cake is done!!
I forgot to add that I will NEVER use wilton fondant again. MMF is so tasty everyone is gonna love it. I rolled a little piece out and it rolled nicely as well.
used this for a last minute wedding shower cake, love my mmf and this is the best recipe ever! nice texture, nice flavor, perfect!
Can't wait to try this!!! I have always had a struggle making black. Thanks for posting this!!
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