Quick White Chocolate Paste with glucose

This is quite easy and quick to do. Make it one day in advance to settle a bit.

Quick White Chocolate Paste with glucose


  • 200g chocolate (white or brown)
  • 100g Liquid glucose
  • 300g Fondant/sugarpaste


  1. Melt chocolate in double boiler until just melted
  2. Heat Liquid glucose until it becomes more liquidy, but not to boil. (The chocolate and Glucose must be the same temp and you must be able to not burn your fingers)
  3. Mix chocolate and glucose until a stiff dough is formed
  4. Mix with sugarpaste/fodant until nicely mixed and smooth.
  5. Keep in sealed plastic bag until the next day.
  6. This past can be used to cover cakes and to make chocolate roses.


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