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Mexican Paste

This medium is good for making flowers & decorations. It sets harder than regular fondant with cellogen and it is less likely to be affected by humidity. **Please note ** Measurements have been made with Australian standards - please check conversions into US.

Mexican Paste


  • 250g pure icing sugar 3 level tspn cellogen 1 heaped tspn pure glucose (the extra thick kind) 2 tspn copha 35ml boiling water


  1. Mix icing sugar & cellogen in bowl making sure cellogen is fully blended.
  2. In a separate bowl, place glucose, copha & pour boiling water over top. Stir until all the copha & glucose have dissolved.
  3. Add liquid to icing mixture and mix roughly.
  4. Turn out onto a sugared surface & need/mix until combined & smooth. By the time you finish it should resemble regular fondant.
  5. Store wrapped in airtight bag/container.
  6. ---------------------------------------------------
  7. This paste dries out fairly fast... only break off what you need to use and keep rest covered. Once dried it is very hard and will shatter if dropped. I doubt that there is acutally any nutrition in this! :o)

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Where might I get cellogen here in Aus?
Cake Central › Recipes › Mexican Paste