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  • Canday Bar Cupcakes Cupcakes are choc. fudge and are filled with an assortment of different mini candy bars.milkyway, twix, snickers and milkyway midnights....
  • Pb & J Cupcakes Half are PB & Raspberry Jelly and the other half are PB & Grape. Kids loved them. Theyare also filled with a mixture of each jelly...
  • Choc Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes vanilla cupcake with a big ole' hunk of choc chip cookie dough in the middle, vanilla icing tiny choc chip cookie on top. My son...
  • Bubblegum Cupcakes My kids helped me make these for my birthday. Daughter helped mix. Son helped put on gumballs and hubby helped eat!! lol i loved them.
  • Steak Cakes And Pirouette Cake First time for all these kind of cakes. I thought the Pirouette would be the easy cake and the steak cakes would be hard. Turned out the...
  • First Wedding Cake Another pic of brothers wedding cake
  • Very First Stacked Cake This cake was for brothers wedding that was put together in two days lol This cake was before i knew anything about cakes. About 3 years...
  • Basketball_Cake_2.jpg
  • Basketball_Cake.jpg
  • Pizza_Cake_1.jpg
  • Pizza_Cake.jpg First pizza cake

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