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  • Spongebob Personalities I love decorating cookies with lots of precision and detail, but I *also* love working on them with my kids (all under the age of 2 to 5...
  • Danaus Genutia Butterfly I made this cookies for my younger son's butterfly parade at his school. I was learning on video from Montreal Confections tutorials...
  • Angry Birds Game My son wanted an Angry Birds birthday cake. What a great looking and tasting cake!!
  • Braxie's Spiderman 3D black spiderman bust cake made for my son's 5 years old birthday.
  • Princess Rapunzel Doll I made my niece"s little princess doll for her birthday!
  • Beauty And The Beast My best friend's oldest sister really love her favorite cake for her first daughter.
  • Sweet Sixteen Birthday
  • Transformer Optimus Prime Truck
  • Lego Bumblebee Transformer 3d Mold rubber pan from lego. Double layers and cutting head and body for each boards with dowel supporting with board. Bumblebee's...
  • 3D Mickey Mouse My son really love cowboy Mickey Mouse cake for his 2 years old birthday. Mickey's head, feet and chest are cake. His ears is cookie....
  • Sewing Machine With Pink Fabric Last min I made it, one day because I missed my best friend had won in challenge fashion. She always sewing for my niece's challenge...
  • Blue Eye And Brown Calico Mahal I gave my cat for her 4th birthday. She smelled 3D mouse then walked away from it. I found on CC about how made. In the head is mango cake...
  • Bee Bear Baby With Sign Language I will make cake for Baby Shower on February 21 soon.