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  • Thomas The Train I made this for a friend's son's birthday. Marble cake covered in BC then MMF.
  • Pouring Mtn Dew This was a fun cake to create. There are 6 - 8" layers of Chocolate cake with Chocolate filling. Covered in Vanilla Buttercream, then...
  • Sleeping Baby Shower Cake This is a cake I made for a Baby Boy's Baby Shower. The cake is Marble. 8" and 12" Square. Covered in MMF. The baby is...
  • Chicago Bears Logo This is a cake I made for a silent auction. Covered in MMF.
  • Chocolate! This is a cake I had been wanting to make. It is a Banana flavored cake, with chocolate filling. Then I applied a Chocolate wrap to the...
  • Cheetah Cake This is a cake I made for a girl;s birthday. Chocolate cake and chocolate filling. Wrapped in MMF. Way too many spots!
  • Snoopy And Belle This is a cake I made for a friend for their 20th Anniversary. She wanted to surprise him with this. They had Snoopy and Belle on their...
  • Koala Cake Here is my attempt to a Koala Cake. Chocolate Fudge cake, covered in MMF.
  • Pillow Cake This is my first Pillow Cake. Top half Butter, Bottom half Chocolate. MMF with a Tiera hair clip for the birthday girl.
  • Sand Castle Cake This is my first wedding cake. The cakes are (from top to bottom) Red Velvet, French Vanilla and Dark Chocolate. They are covered in MMF...
  • Yellowstone Wished Dan A.... Chocolate cake with chocolate MMF.
  • Caardinal's Jersey The cake was German Chocolate with Coconut/Pecan filling. The MMF is Almond flavored. Went over very well, tasted great.
  • Pink Drip On Purple This was for a Girlie Girl's Graduation/Birthday. The cake is Funfetti with MMF covering.