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  • First Attempt At Stacked-Tiered Cake Here's a class cake that I did that taught the techniques of stacking a 2-tiered cake. Enjoy viewing!
  • Red Roses Wedding Cake Here's my first attempt at doing a wedding cake. It's my sister's wedding cake. I suppose this is one of the reason why I...
  • Barney The Dinosaur Cake This was my daughter's cake for her 2nd birthday. She absolutely loved it!
  • Lions, Tigers, Bears - Oh My! (And Some Crocodiles Too!) This is my first attempt in doing figure piping with buttercream.. at first I wasnt sure whether they look like lions, tigers, bears or...
  • Ring-A-Ring-A-Roses I made this cake for one of a luncheon at our church. The cake was finished in 5 mins! I put some chocolate shavings in the middle as I...
  • Pink Basket Of Purple Roses More buttercream roses...
  • Rose Basket Cake This was my first attempt at doing the Wilton buttercream roses. They look like red cabbage to me though! :-) My instructor told me just to...
  • Clown Cake This is the first attempt I made of using the colour striping method.
  • Dolly Varden This is my first attempt at a Dolly Vardon cake. I enjoyed making this one and my daughter absolutely loved it!
  • Daisy Cake This my very first attempt at decorating a cake during a buttercream class
  • Elmo Cake This is my first attempt at a novelty pan. This was a birthday cake for my niece.
  • Little Yellow Cottage This is my first attempt at a 3D cake. Made with buttercream.