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  • Paula's Graduation Cake is strawberry, cream cheese filling, bc icing with fondant accents.
  • Wilton 2008 Yearbook Halloween Broom Mini Wondermold Cake This is from the 2008 Wilton Yearbook. Black and white mini wondermold cake. Iced with chocolate. I used the sugar accents that you can...
  • Happy Fall WASC cake, lemon curd filling, BC icing with fondant and gumpaste accents.
  • Course 2 Rosettes This cake was done in chocolate BC. Cake was chocolate fudge with chocolate mousse filling. (VERY rich)
  • Course 1 Clown Cake This clown's leg was propped up on the top of the cake.
  • Course 1 Clown Cake This cake was done in my Course 1 class. This clown was placed on his belly, with hands supporting face.
  • Grand Marnier Practice Cake Just practicing my Course 1 techniques. Cake was BC with Grand Marnier flavoring. Filling was cream cheese with Grand Marnier.
  • Course 2 This is the side view of my cake. Need much work on mybasketweave.
  • Course 2 Finale Cake This is my course 2 grand finale cake. Instead of bluebirds, I chose to use butterflies and dragonflies in color flow.