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  • Banana Split Thanks so much to ellepal for this idea and all the other banana splits here on CC. Vanilla cake with chocolate filling. Ice creams scoops...
  • First Communion Thanks to Boop62054 for this idea. WASC cake with chocolate bavarian filling, covered in fondant. Flowers & bow are fondant. Letters...
  • Teeth For my dentist. Teeth are made from a chocolate mold. All other decorations are fondant.
  • Squirrel Squirrel is a chocolate mold. I filled it with white chocolate and then painted with food coloring.Fondant leaves, acorns and pinecones.
  • Cinco De Mayo From the Wilton yearbook. Thanks to mjs4492 for some advice. White cake with Bavarian cream filling.
  • Ny Rangers Hockey Puck Thanks to morrisaz2004 for this idea.
  • Diaper Bag Thanks to 2muchsugar for the polka dot theme and to helipops for the instructions.
  • Fall Mice I wanted to make a cake with leaves, pine cones and acorns. I was browsing acorn cakes here and saw a cake by Woodlandscakes that had such...
  • Pail Of Shells 8 inch cakes stacked and covered with fondant. Shells are white chocolate with luster dust.
  • Tooth Thanks to Alicia0620 for this idea. Chocolate cake with chocolate bavarian cream filling. Cake is covered in fondant. Toothbrush is also...
  • Peter Rabbit Saw this idea here on CC. Can't remember who the member was but thank you. It is a Williams Sonoma 3D rabbit pan. All the vegetables...
  • Glenlivet Scotch Triple chocolate fudge cake covered in fondant. Bottle is chocolate.
  • Diaper Bag Thanks so much to helipops for sharing her instructions with all of us to make this cake. Bottle and booties are chocolate and keys and...