How To Make Edible Stained Glass

Making edible stained glass with Flexique Edible Fabric and Flexique Instant Lace

Please read through the entire tutorial before getting started. Some things can be prepared ahead of time and require drying time.

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You Will Need:

Flexique Edible Fabric

Flexique Instant Lace

Flexique Glue

Piping bag

#2 Tip

Coupler (optional)

Clear paper protector

Print out of design

Small brush

Edible color (gel, airbrush color- doesn’t matter)

Gold luster dust

Small mixing dish


2 tablespoons Cornstarch

1/4 cup measuring cup

Silicone Ice tray (optional)

Step 1: Preparing Flexique for edible stained glass

Great Video Instructions on preparing the flexique product available for free on

Prepare Flexique Edible Fabric according to the package’s instructions with one small change. Instead of adding ALL of Part B (liquid ingredient) only add 14 grams or roughly 1/4 of the packet.

Flexique Edible Fabric needs to set for 4 hours to overnight, so plan accordingly. I recommend completing step 1 before you are ready to begin on your stained glass. If preparing the product the day before, pour the finished mixture into a silicone ice cube tray. Once it’s firm you can place the cubes in a ziplock bag and store in the refrigerator. It will be ready to go in smaller portions.

Step 2: Piping the borders

Before preparing the Instant lace, place your printed design in the clear protector and set up your piping bag with the coupler and tip.

Heat Flexique Instant Lace in the microwave for 20 secs, stir, and then heat another 10-15 secs. The mixture needs to be completely melted.

Once it is completely melted, mix 1/4 cup of Instant Lace and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch.Combine cornstarch a little at a time to avoid lumps. After the Instant Lace and cornstarch have been completely combined,  heat mixture for another 15-20 seconds. Mixture should be smooth and translucent. Add 1 tsp of gold luster dust and mix thoroughly. Once all ingredients have been combined, pour mixture into your piping bag.

Now you are ready to pipe your edges. Simply trace your edges with your piping bag just like you were piping royal icing.

Once you have traced all of your edges, let the lace dry for a few minutes.

Step 3: Making the glass

Heat up a few of your prepared Flexique cubes for 10-15 secs in the microwave. Once the mixture is completely melted, add your edible color (gel, airbrush colors- doesn’t matter).

Once you have your desired color, pour or paint the mixture in between your lace border. I use a small spatula to put little drops in the spaces and use a toothpick to spread it around to make sure it gets in all the corners. (You may need to reheat mixture once or twice while filling in all of the spaces) Be sure to pop any unwanted bubbles!

Once all areas have been filled, let it dry. The longer it’s left out to dry, the firmer it will get. I left mine out overnight to achieve a stiff, but bendable flower.

Step 4: Painting the glass

Mix a little edible color and vodka. Use a small brush to add depth and dimension to your flowers. A little goes a long way!

After a night of drying vs. right after completion.

Step 5: Attaching the stained glass to the cake

Melt Flexique Glue for 10-15 seconds in the microwave. Brush a small amount onto your stained glass with a small brush. Carefully take the stained glass off of the paper protector (The side against the paper protector will be the front)  Place on fondant- holding it in place for 5-10 secs. And just like that you have your very own stained glass cake! Have Fun!!

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