How to make Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas) out of fondant

Happy Little Baker shares this video tutorial to make a Jack Skellington figure out of gumpaste or fondant.

Jack is mostly made out of gumpaste or fondant strengthened with Tylose powder.

Please don't make the mistake that I made and not allow the body parts to dry properly before adding all the other features.

No 20 florist wire was used as internal support for his long arms and legs. This version of Jack was made as a sugar gift for a work colleague for Halloween and is not meant to be eaten.

Please see my other video on how to make the pumpkin.

Pumpkin and Jack was mounted on a 8" round cake drum (covered in purple marbled fondant) and secured with melted white chocolate.

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Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, pop a comment below and I'll answer as soon as I can.
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