Colette Peter's Polka Dotted Ruffle Cake

Colette Peters, known for her whimsical cake designs, shares this tutorial for layers polka dot ruffles. She takes ruffles and makes them anything but ordinary by making them two-toned and incorporating a polka dot motif. She layers the ruffles as though they were gathered at the waist of a couture dress. Learn how to create this black and white playful masterpiece.


  • small fondant covered cake
  • small dish
  • black and white fondant and gum paste
  • small rolling pin
  • #3 piping tip
  • pizza cutter
  • strip of paper
  • scissors
  • piping gel
  • small paint brush
  • long straight pins
  • foam pad
  • ball tool

Step 1

Cover cake with fondant. Find an object such as a cup with an edge that is roughly half of the height of your cake.

Step 2

Mix black and white fondant with equal parts black and white gum paste. Cut a strip of paper that is the width that youd like your ruffles to be. Roll our equal amounts of black and white mixtures as thin as possible.

Step 3

Place one color on top of the other and roll the two together, making them as thin as possible.

Step 4

Place the paper on top of the strip and cut both sides with a pizza cutter.

Step 5

Using a large ball tool on a foam pad,  press along one edge of the strip allowing the edge to ruffle.

Step 6

With a number 3 tip, cut out circles along the edge of the ruffle.

Step 7

Press folds along the unruffled edge, about every inch.

Step 8

Paint piping gel along the middle of the cake where the mark is, and attach the ruffle, straight edge up, to the gel. Use long straight pins under the ruffles to hold them up.

Step 9

Repeat the same procedure above the first ruffle.

Step 10

To attach the ruffle above the bottom 2, place ruffle so the straight side is facing down and the pins are in front of the ruffle. Add the second ruffle.

Step 11

To attach the ruffle above the bottom 2, place ruffle so the straight side is facing down and the pins are in front of the ruffle. Add the second ruffle.

Step 12

To make the center striped piece, take a piece of black mixture and a piece of white mixture and press them together. Roll out the black and white piece into a rope and give the piece a twist, pushing one hand up and the other hand down.

Step 13

Attach to the center of the ruffles with piping gel and use pins until the piece is secure.

Learn this technique & more with Colette Peters at the Wilton School.

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September 7-10

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