Buttercream Birch Bark Tutorial

Whether for a rustic wedding or an outdoor affair, this birch bark cake is the perfect finishing touch. Frosted and decorated with Swiss Meringue Buttercream, you know it tastes as good as it looks.

Posted By Jessmabee 

I've done a couple birch cakes with swiss meringue BC in the past.. here's how I did the cake posted below.

1. I did a crumb coat of SMBC and let it set in the fridge.
2. I made very rough vertical blobby lines of grey and white SMBC alternating around the cake.

3. Using a pallet knife I had to smooth that out with swirly/ stucco texture producing sweep like motion (hard to explain) which created the tie-dye-ish look of the bark.. then back to the fridge.

4. then with a dark grey/brown/ black SMBC I made the horizontal lines as thin as possible using a parchment paper cone piping bag.
5. With a semi-solid chocolate ganache mixed with grey/brown/green SMBC I created the lumpy "eye" bits of the log by using a small pointed offset spatula/ pallet knife to create shape and texture I wanted.
6. The top rings (which aren't necessary but I like the extra detail) I made by scrunching up brown paper towel and gentle pressing it onto the top of the chilled cake and spinning the cake stand at the same time (you could use a cake comb too but wouldn't get the different depths that make it look more authentic).

So basically its just a lot of layering of icing and playing with different techniques and textures. =)



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