Halloween Bats Cookies

Halloween Bat Cookies


Cookies!! (bat shape)

Black edible marker

Black Royal Icing (Bat body and wings)

Black Royal Icing (thinned with water --> wings)

White royal Icing (Bat eyes)

Flat brushes

Round tip #2




Step1: Make a draft of your cookie

Step 2: Outline your cookie using a black edible marker

Step 3: Outline your cookie using a thin and flat brush and the "watery" royal icing

Step 4: Color the wings using a thicker brush and the same "watery" royal icing. Let them dry for 20 minutes.

Step 5: Pipe the body and outline the wings using your black (normal) royal icing and inmediatly sprinkle some sugar over the cookie and let it dry completely.

Step 6: Remove excess of sugar from the cookie with a dry brush and add the eyes with the white royal icing.

Step 8: Let them fly!  ;-)