Snake Cake Tutorial



**The only step not captured was when I used a plastic webbing material to make the scales impression on the fondant. I tried using avocado and lemon bags, as has been suggested by others, but found the impression wasn't deep enough, or just didn't work well with my marshmallow fondant, but then I found some firmer mesh material at Whole Foods (at the fish counter of all places-- they gave me a clean/new piece of the mesh they sit the fish on in the display case!)  I rubbed the impression onto the fondant after it was on the cake, since I knew I'd never be able to retain the imprint if I did it before hand, especially with so many crevices to press/smooth the fondant into on the cake. Some areas didn't hold the impression well, but I found that after it was painted with food coloring, I could press the mesh into the wet 'paint' and it'd pull off enough of the food coloring to help the impression appear more defined.  Not perfect, but good enough.  It obviously worked best against the very hard head because it was made of rice krispies treats, not soft cake.