Rose Cupcakes

Hello everyone!


Now it's time for a little tutorial for a very appreciated pastries.

These roses really impress and is actually not that hard to do :)


These are a chokladcupcake with vanilla buttercream and marzipan (but you can use fondant) with flavors of strawberry.

You could of course do this in what flavors you want. Use your favorite cupcake and perhaps some flavored butter cream and use any color you want on the marzipan/ fondant.



Let's get started right away!


What you need:


Mini cupcakes (works obviously fine with normal sized too)


Spatula or a table knife

A fork

Marzipan/ Fondant

Rolling pin

Corn starch if you do not have a silicone mat

Two round cutter in different sizes

Cupcake pappers




1. Add a dab of buttercream on top of a cupcake and then a fork in the bottom of your cupcake. Flatten the buttercream with a spatula or the back of a tableknife on cupcake.

2. Then, use the spatula to put buttercream around the sides of the cupcake (it doesn't need not be smooth and perfect because the marzipan/Fondant will cover this).

Add plenty with buttercream.


3. Then place your buttercream covered cupcakes in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes so that it cools.



4. Roll out your marzipan and cut out two petals (of the smaller size) to be added on top of your rose.  The top of the cupcake should be about 75% of marzipan petal.



5. Overlap the two petals  as top image shows and then close together so that the rosebud is formed (I hope the picture shows what it should look like).

If the marzipan petals do not stick so well on one another you can just dab a little water on the petal (but use water carefully so the marzipan don't get soften).


6. Roll out the marzipan and cut out three petals of a larger size.


7. Attach the first petal so it covers the seam. 


8. Within the first circle you now attach the second petal.


9.Attach the third petal inside the second petal and attache it above the first petal.

I hope this above image shows how the petals should overlap. Just attach the new petal inside the previous petal.


10. Then simply adjust your petal properly by pushing a little on the sides gently and then you can bend back the petals a little to get a more "realistic" rose.



11. Cut out 5 petals of marzipan/ fondant of the larger size and repeat your steps 7, 8, 9 and 10.

In exactly the same way you now attach your 5 petals.


12. When you have attached your 5 petals you place your rose cupcake in a cupcake paper (one size larger than the origin size of your cupcake).


I´m so sorry for my bad english but  i hope you like it:)

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Thank you and love to you all :)

/ Jonnha