Wedding Dress Cupcake Pull Apart

Hello, this is my first tutorial so please be gentle! lol I've seen a lot of the Wedding dress cupcakes and I thought I'd give a complete tutorial since I didn't find a lot of detailed info.


So, here goes:


You need:


  • 27 cupcakes (more or less depending upon the size of your board
  • cake board (I used a 14" x 19" board)
  • something to cover your board instead of leaving it stark white
  • a double batch of your fav buttercream recipe (color of your choice)
  • 1M tip with pastry bag
  • fondant rose or other embellishment


I found a great wrapping paper print from my local dollar establishment and I've been dying to use it. So, I wrapped my board and then covered the board in clear contact paper. (fig. 1,2,3&4)






Next, it's time for your cooled cupcakes. I played around with how I wanted then on the board. How much space I had and what looked like a real dress. (fig.5)





After I decided on placement, I smeared a little bc on the bottom of each cupcake. Not alot, but enough for them to "stick" to the board and not move around if they have to be moved or transported.  (fig.6)


























After you've adhered each cupcake with your bc squeeze them close together but not smashing them. Now we get to icing! Using my 1M tip, I pipped a rose swirl on each cupcake. I started my swirl in the middle and went out because you will be adding more icing to edges of each cupcake.  (fig.7)



From the pic above (fig.7) you can see gaps between the cupcakes and rows. My cupcakes are as close as I could get them without smushing (yes its a word! lol) or smashing them.


Now I have to go back and add more icing to fill in the gaps. Try to add to the swirl where you ended your previous icing, even covering any of your cupcake liner if its showing. Move around your cupcakes and stand over them, looking for any gaps. When you see none, you're done!




My soon-to-be bride's colors are lavender and white so I made a fondant rose and trim, dusted them with shimmering luster dust and gently attached to cupcakes. The one with the rose is defintely for the bride!! You can you ribbon or any embellishment you have to coordinate to the event.





Hope this helped!