Gerbera or African Tutorial


My mom's favorite flower is Daisy so I decided to make for her birthday a Daisy cake & try different & new (for me) things. Like Powder Milk Fondant & Paint on the cake, so here is a lil bit of the fabricating of it. Hope you enjoy. :)


I made the Powder Milk Fondant & colored in 4 different colors. Here it is with the tools you will need. The Biggest cutter was only used to imprint the cake to paint.



I started rolling the fondant with the pink bands but then toke it off to roller thinner then 1/16 in


Cut a Medium flower


Release using modeling stick


Slightly lengthen each petal by sliding large end of ball tool down the middle of the petal from center to tip. Careful to not rip.


Drawn a line in each petal center using wide end of veining tool, working from tip toward center.


This is how it looks when done.


Put in the flower former to dry in shape.


Make another flower using the small cutter, the same manner as above but use the small part of the tools.

Then brush center of 1st flower with water.


Position second flower over 1st, offsetting the petals.


With the yellow fondant a lil smaller then the big ball tool press into mold.


Brush center of small daisy with water.


Attach center ans let it dry. :)


I made 2 of each color


And here is the final project. :) She loved it. :)


I just imprinted the cake using the big cutter. Cake was covered with the Powder Milk Fondant. Then I hand painted the flowers & attached some yellow pearls for center.