How to bake a Curly Cookie




Hi guys, thank you for reading my tutorial on how to bake curly cookies. Long story short..I love curly anything. I have a range of Swirly Cakes to prove it :) But Swirly Cookies already existed, so I needed a new name and boyfriend came up with Curly Cookie. I love it! It took a couple of tries to get it right but so far I am pretty happy. We (ppl from the Netherlands) celebrate mothersday the second sunday in may, so mom, these are for you! Haha Luckily she does not come here haha! Anyways, here you go, enjoy and I hope you like it!


Use any kind of rolled cookie dough







It says, "red kidney beans"  (Yep thats Dutch) 



So you basically need two cutters, one to cut the dough and a smaller one to arrange your beans




See? :) a perfect circle! 



Now place the dough gently on top. The beans will stick out halfway. This is good! ;)

Make sure they look nice and even.



More visuals. You don't have to press the dough as it will melt nicely around the beans.


Now bake at 350! (160),cool and remove the beans!

You can use them again, but you can't boil them anymore. When they turn too dark, get rid of them :) Try Almonds for bigger cookies, so you get bigger waves...For small cookies I used unpopped corn. (it didn't pop!...phew!)

Of course the almonds taste great after toasting them...But you have to eat them after the first batch..(ow no...boyfriend loves me more now.;))


And then you are done! Yay Curly Cookies!



Well maybe not entirly done.... ;)

Here are some basic Royal Icing floods that look pretty cool too! I'll add my designs to my gallery! Pop by some time and let me know if you used this tutorial.  If you have any questions or suggestions, or you just wanna say hi leave me a note or you can contact me through my profile information!






I made these for fun. I love Cameo's and pearl dust. and I got to play with my curly cookie, (how to on :) Thx for watching!

Happy baking everyone!! Thank you for stopping by.


Sweet Greetings,


Karen Anne (Cakes)