Fondant Recipe and Daisies Tutorial

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"Daisies Cake" Recipe, Blogoversary and a Giveaway!!!

To make large wired daisies: you will need daisies cutter, a 50/50 mix of gum paste with fondant, shaping pad, toothpick and 22 gauge wires. Roll fondant mix thinly. Cut 2 daisies shapes out.

Roll a tooth pick in the middle of each petal on the shaping mat.

Make a circle shape with foil for shaping the daisies. I dusted the to flower in the middle with light green color. Use water to glue em together. Make a yellow colored middle for daisies. If you don't have mold for it. Just make a small circle and poke it with toothpick to make it look like a real one. Then make a small hook with the wire, dip it in the water and insert it in the center. Pull wire in to the flower bend it to fit it under the foil shaped circle.

Let em dry for a few days.