Small ruffle rose



You need:
some sugarpaste
paint brush
Garret frill cutter
rolling pin
edible glue (water will also work)
ruffling tool

Please note you do not need a cel board, I was just too lazy to swap over to my other board I use to roll things out on!


Roll your sugar paste fairly thin, it doesn't need to be extremely thin, if you leave it a little thick you will get a slightly bigger flower


Use your cutter to cut out the shape, then remove the inner circle


Use your ruffle tool to thin out the scalloped edges, theres no real trick to it.

Cut a through the circle

put the edible glue (or water or vodka) around the flat part 



start at one end and roll it up


keep rolling and gently pressing the flat part to get it to stick to the bottom   


and there you have a little ruffle flower


Sweet Pea Cake Designs