This was for a little friend – João Maria. This is one of those “got to do it, one day” cakes!!! I have to say that I loved modeling Mickey and it was quite easy, Love him!! But not Goffy…not happy with the result, but if I had to do it again I’ll do it a little bit more cheeky…lol Well…I just love the car!!! It´s all handmade and 100% edible. Hope you like it!! TFL


Hello!! After several requests to do a tutorial for my Mickey & Goofy Car, I finally had some free time and did a gathering of some photos. I have to apolagize, because I thought I had photos from all the step by step, but I don’t. So I did a fast toturial with the main steps, I hope it helps.





1 – Has you can see, the car was free hand sculpt on a chocolate cake and than filled with lemon cream.



2 – I did covered the all cake with cream before covered with sugar paste (no photo). The car hood is a peace of cake covered with white sugar paste.



3 – The Wheels…easy as that…lol



4 – The little silver details. I cut them and modeled them and then spray them with silver edible spray. I don’t have photos of the windshield and the mirrors, but they basically are just a square rod (I don’t know if this is the right name) and a ball halves.



5 – The doors and the backstitch of the hood were done hand free. And basically, for the car, that’s it.





Not much to say…hope it can help!!



The body, I only did the upper part.





I only had this photos…sorry again…I hope it helps!!

Faster than that it’s not possible..lol
Hope you liked!!! TFL