How to Make a Christmas Baubles Cake


3D Christmas Baubles Cake Already Stacked





Baked cakes

These are the cakes that I baked for these balls: For the small one I used the soccer ball pan from Wilton, For the bigger one (my mom gave me this Idea) I used a medium Pyrex bowl, just make sure is regular oven safe. Also (and this is important) make sure you put the same amount of batter before baking. I only have one bowl, So I baked one half cake first then the other half. I forgot to measure how many cups batter I used the first time. When I put the 2 halves together, thy did not match so the ball was mishaped. I solve this little problem by baking an extra 8" cake so I can place it in between two halves cakes.  




Filling and putting together

Before Filling the cakes, take one of the big half round cake (the one you baked in the Pyrex bowl) and slice the bottom part of the cake, about 2" thick (do not discard), this way more cake surface is actually touching the cake board. If you don't slice the cake button  before filling, this half round might break in pieces due to weight of cake itself. This actually happened to me (remember this is the first time I make this cake so it was a matter of trial and error). You can always use a regular round shape pan, but if you hate carving, then using this bowls cakes are great way to avoid so much mess. Most of the time, these Pyrex bowls are flat on the bottom. Now take the part you sliced before and place it on the very top of the other half round.   







For the board, I used a 12"x12" wooden board. Since this cake would be traveling, extra support is a most. 1/8" PVC tube  (for drinkable water) and a female flange for placing the tube.







First cake stacked

"Before filling your cakes, make sure to open a hole on  your cake boards"  The best way to proceed to any cake that represents a gravity issue for you and your piece of mind, should be covered in Chocolate ganache. It  holds everything together!!! and also gives you a better smooth looking cake. My big ball cake was misshapen, so I used some buttercream over the ganache to make it look rounder. When checking the shape of a cake, always step back and look at the cake just to make sure you can see is perfect.






To decorate the big ball, I simply cut stripes of different sizes, I used some texture with my rolling pins ( I have a few, lucky me! a cake store was on sale)but you can find textures everywhere!!! just look around. I also used some pearls molds with different sizes.  I decided to decorate this big ball this way First : It looks really cool and Second: IT IS WAYYY EASIER this way,   Can you imagine to cover a cake this big, the traditional way??? Don't let any cake to scare you !!!! just find the way to be the  boss of your cakes !!! The small one was covered the regular way: roll your fondant, use some texture if possible, and then cover.









Placing Decoration

Wet your cake so you can stick all stripes, and some pearls. I did this part just randomly, It was the funniest part!!



Smaller Ball

Now is  time for your smaller cake. I marked with a circle cutter, where I wanted the ornament hanger be placed. This will also  give you the mark where you want the pearls to start.This is basicaly  to give some movement to the ornament. I supposed to do the same with the large cake, but I forgot!!=(




More decoration

You can decorate your ornaments the way you like.Get Ideas from real ornaments!!  If you are using anything paint on gold, make sure to start with yellow fondant.






Prepare the highlight

For the highlight, or shimmer or luster duster, I combine rum and the the highlight, little by little until you get the right amount: not too liquid not too solid. 




Time for hand paint

The main idea of using yellow fondant when you need to paint in gold, is basically to use less paint, and if anything is not compleatly covered, only the yellow will be seen. When using silver luster, start with grey fondant.




I decided to use this mold (that I loove) to make the piece for the hanger. I actually used both brooches: one on top of the other, place it where you previously  marked on the cake .Then paint with the highligh  luster, or shimmer etc.  







Place the brooches on top.



Stack the cakes and add some accesories

I always have imperfections on my cakes, it is really difficult not to have any, But I use accesories to hide them: flowers, bows, etc


Hope You enjoy all this information, I am really glad I have the chance to share it with you , Don't forget to share it with others!!!

Cake Hugs

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I love this!!! So creative and vibrant!!! Thank you for all the information. Can't wait to try it!!!


Beautiful!  What do you have between the smaller and bigger ornament?  something on the pipe to support the cardboard circle or did you dowel around the PVC?   Thanks


This was like getting a Christmas surprise on my computer!  Even though I will be going the easy route (bundt cakes) for a large family gathering, I was delighted to see all of your step-by-step photos.  THANKS!!!