Glitzy Rainbow Rose Tutorial Using Circle cutters

Posted by SSN_sweets


Hi guys! I had been asked by some of you guys to do a tutorial on my roses so here goes my first attempt and please excuse me if it is not properly done. To make it more colourful I tried a Rainbow rose. If you have any question, please dont hesitate to ask me. Im not an expert , I learnt making my initial roses from Edna de la cruz's tutorial ( Thank you Edna; if mine is confusing you can always refer to hers) and I am learning from every cake I make :). Regards  Sasi ( CakesbySasi)

List of Materials

  • Gumpaste
  • Rolling pin, and board
  • Ball Tool
  • Circle Cutters
  • Water and paint brush
  • Corn starch
  • Thick and Thin sponge
  • Tooth pick
  • Flower wire (thick enough to hold the weight of the rose)

1) Tools with dried cone shaped gumpaste on a hooked wire # 20. This was done the previous night
2) Roll out gumpaste really thin and cut 2 medium circles. Thin out edges using Ball tool and Thin sponge
3) Now flip the circle onto the thicker sponge and use the ball tool to thin the middle of the circle a bit( circular motion) and pull one end( it it sticks dip the ball tool in corn starch and try again. Be gentle dont break the petal)
4) Stick the 2 petals to the cone shaped centre as shown using tiny bit of water ( on a paint brush). Curl and adjust the edges so that it looks like a rose (bud)
5) Colour petals as required ( gumpaste can be coloured in advance too, For the rainbow rose : I painted the red centre and the next row( Orange), Used yellow Petal dust for the third row, Coloured the gumpaste for the rest of the rows. Dusted the final rose with silver luster dust). Let it dry for few hours. Now cut 3 medium circles and do as before ( Steps 2-4)
6) Let it dry for couple of hours(longer it dries the better). Now cut 5 medium circles, do as before but before sticking it on use the ball tool to thin the middle of the circle a bit (circular motion) and pull one end and then turn over curl/bend the opposite edges using a toothpick as shown. Now it should look like petals
7) Continue increasing the petals in odd numbers and colour as required and also change to a larger circle cutter every 2-3 rows . Curl and adjust the edges so that it looks like a rose. When working with gumpaste you have to be fast, it dries faster than fondant.
Hope this tutorial was helpful, HAVE FUN. Here are different samples of my other roses using the same circle cutters