Covering a cake with an edible image


In this tutorial you will learn how to cover and entire cake in an edible image. This is especially handy for detailed patterns that aren't easy to recreate with fondant for buttercream. For example, the ACU pattern that is on my husbands Army uniform. It is very detailed and super hard to recreate.

List of Materials

  • frosted cake that has been smoothed, edible images, scissors, pan that you baked the cake in, cloth tape measurer

Take your cake that has been frosted and smoothed.
Measure the height of your cake. This measurement will tell us the height to cut the edible image.
I measured the exact height of the cake and made a mark on the edible image. This lets me know where to cut across. Make several marks across the image and then cut.
This is what I measured and cut out. The paper is still on the back of the edible image. You don't want to remove the paper backing until you are ready to apply it to the cake.
Then I placed the pan that I baked the cake in, on top of the back of the edible image. Then I traced around it with a pencil.
Cut out the circle, leaving the paper backing on the edible image.
Place a small amount of water on the top of the cake. This will help the edible image adhere to the cake. Remove the paper backing on the edible image, then smooth image onto the top of the cake. You want it to completely cover the top and even go down the sides a little bit.
Then starting in the back of the cake, apply a small amount of water to help adhere the image to the cake, take your rectangle edible image that we cut previously and remove the paper backing. Starting at the back you are going to apple the image to the cake, smoothing as you go. If it doesn't make it all the way around to the back of the cake where you started, you need another edible image at the exact same height to complete the process.
Decorate as desired.

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