How to Rubber stamp on iced cookies


Stamping with food colourings is an easy and effective way to decorate iced cookies.

List of Materials

  • Iced Cookies, Food colourings of your choice, Rubber Stamps, Felt Stamp pad, Edible food colouring pens
  • Brushes

Have everything you need to hand.
Soak the felt stamping pad with your chosen food colouring diluted with food grade Iso- propyl , the solution will have to be quite thick to produce the best imprint. Using a rubber stamp practice stamping onto kitchen paper first to check the ink is the right consistency.
Press your chosen stamp onto the pad then gently press onto the cookie holding it there for a few seconds. If you prefer you can brush the ink onto the stamp before stamping the cookie. You can use this technique to stamp onto hardened fondant or rice paper to decorate cupcakes. If some of the pattern has not transferred to the cookie you can hand finish the design by using edible food colouring pens.
The stamped cookies can then be hand painted using diluted food colouring or left as they are!
Your stamped cookie can then be embellished with piped details

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