How To Make a Chicque Easter Egg


This tutorial will show you step by step how to make my Chicque Easter Egg (Simple Fabergé Egg Cake Tutorial)

List of Materials

I started out with this mold by Silli Creations
make a thick piece of fondant as big as the mold, make two prints out of the mold and also make two piecies of fondant for the filling of the pillow
put one filling on the flat square
put one print on top of it
flip it over
and do the same on the other side. put your filling on top of the square
and put your mold on top of it again. dont bother if the sides are not even on all sides because
were gonna play with a crimper over here ;)
just go along all sides and crimp the sides together, becareful not to break it off the little pillow
I prepared a drum with my own designed and created wrinklemold and put a black ribbon on the sides. put a little icing in the middle on the cakedrum. place the little pillow on top of it an stick a little cocktailstick in it for a bit more stability. paint it a little not too precisely. it has to look old silver ;)
just take a styrofoam egg if you want it to last forever or carve a cake into an eggshape if you realy want to eat it. This time I used a styro because it is a window piece for a dutch cakeshop
cover it with fondant which looks very hard to do, but in reality it is not so scary. just easy but precisely begin as if it was just a little globe shape cake. underneath carve the remains of the fondant away and smoother it as much as possible with a piece of fondant and also with your hands. your hand wil melt the most wrinkles away. as you can see my agg has little wrinkels. well he, whos perfect? dont bother if you had a little bit of wrinkles also. we are going to decorate it heer it is, plain covered in fondant. it does not look so bad, does it? heer it is, plain covered in fondant. it does not look so bad, does it?
now place the egg over the little coacktail stick (toothpick) and to be all secured just stick a longer satay stick through the whole piece and cut the remains off. well, just stick was a little bit too easy said. I used a hammer for this
next step I took the FMM Master Mold Lace and created the border on the bottom of the egg and painted it as wel.
at that point I created a little roseornament border with an other mold by Silly Creations (which is a 2 component silicone paste to create your own molds by the way)
then I took my own designed double flower mold and stuck two of them on top of the egg. paint it as U are because you can reach every part of it very good at this time, just not paint it all completely, remember it has to be old looking.
on top of it. I create 3 little flowers with the large blossom punger cutter and a veiner. paint them as well. stick them with a little icing on top.
he next step is playing with a little flower wire. I mader 3 bows in a few different lengths. after that I created a guirlande with 3 pieces of again my double flowermold and place them in a switched pattern in place, fill in the eventualy gaps with again the blossom plunger but just 1 size smaller. and paint it all in one time. and last but not least as you can see on the completed egg, I put in 3 strings of white floral wire. I hope you like this tutorial. Im just a hobby baker but I gave it my best shot. I like the result and loved creating this chique easter egg. sorry for my poor english. my highschool was long long time ago

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