Inexpensive cutters for roses, peony and calla lily

Posted by sweettooth101


You can purchase a set of cookie cutters from any kitchen store, this set of 5 was around $6. hold the cutter at the joint and give a squeeze to make it into a tear drop shape. For roses soften the round edge and make your petals for the flower. For peonies, knick the round edge at a few places, then frill with toothpick and proceed making the flower. For the calla lily, point side up, soften edge, and pull point a little with ball tool, then place on cone to shape the lily. Below are the cutters used and the flowers I made.

List of Materials

  • Round cookie cutters,gumpaste,ballingtool,toothpick,foampad,wire,

Place cutter on a level surface hold where the joint is and  squeeze in gently to shape into a teardrop. Below a brief tutorial for a peony.
Petals are cut with the desired size. For the peony 3 different sizes were used. The first 3 cut with the smallest cutter.
Each petal is knicked at 3 or 4 places , doesn't have to be even, some can have deeper v's.
Thin on a foam pad with a toothpick, placing your index fingure on the t/pick in the middle and rolling it back and forth. This ruffles the petal at different points.
Attach the small petals closely onto a gumpaste ball which has been dried with a wire through it OR you can use a styrofoam ball with a wire glued through/into it.
Continue adding 5 more petal in the same size.
I allowed to dry for 20 mins and then dusted with pink colour. Cut 5 petals in the next size up. ruffle the edges and place in tablespoons to dry for 5 minutes or so before gluing on at the base only. Dust with colour.
Cut 7 petals in the 3rd size up. Thin and ruffle, thread wire in the centre, place in tablespoons to dry overnight. Dust with colour .Attach with tape around the formed flower.
These are the roses with the same cutters.
These are the calla lilies with the same cutters.