How To Make a 3D Bunny Shaped Cupcake


This adorable bunny has eaten all the cupcakes while he was saying: I didn´t do it. Im sure that if you make the cupcakes for your kids, they will love them as much as he! In this tutorial, you'll learn about how to make a 3D bunny-shaped cupcake with fondant and gum paste. You'll also learn about how to make cupcake wrappers with fondant. I hope you enjoy it!

List of Materials

  • - Rolled Fondant
  • - Gumpaste
  • - Buttercream Icing
  • - Modeling Tools
  • - Black, White, Blue, Aquamarine and Pink Food Coloring
  • - Brush #000 (Very thin brush) and Brush #1
  • - Cotton swab
  • - Rolling pin
  • - Scalpel and embroidery scissors
  • - Wavy cutter

Head: make a little ball in white gum paste of 1 ½ diameter approximately and give a pear shape. Add a skewer stick and make it thinner using your fingers to stick it. Snout: make a little roll in gum paste of ¾ long approximately. Flatten the ends and make the center thinner. Add it over the lower side of the rabbits face with a bit of water. Press against the head. Mouth: using a little ball tool, press in the snouts center, take the ball tool upwards to make the top lip, then take the ball tool downwards to make the lower lip. To make the corner of the mouth, press with a ball tool in both sides of it. Using same modeling tool, press a little bit over the mouth for the nose.
Painting eyes: using a very thin brush and black food coloring diluted with water (like ink) paint the eyes outline giving a tear shape and the eyelashes. Paint the iris with blue coloring, following eyes shape; pass a cotton swab over the blue color to tone down the look. Using black food coloring without diluting it make the pupils with a very small pear shape. Nose: make a little ball (slightly oval) in pink gum paste and glue it with water to the snout. Make a little dot over the iris with white food coloring to illuminate the look and a small line over the nose to give some brightness. Painting Mouth: Paint a bit the lips edge with pink food coloring.
Body: make a big cupcake (use a mold of 2 diameter at the base and 4 diameter at the top). Shirt: roll out rolled fondant of 1/5 thick and cut a circle of 4 ¾ diameters. Place it over the top of the cupcake and massage to add it.
Trousers: roll out a rectangle of white fondant ¼ thick and 4 long by 4 ¾ high; cover it with a plastic bag and leave it in suspend until you do the stripes. For the stripes roll out sky blue gum paste of 3mm thick and cut stripes of ¼ wide by 2 ¾ long. Add them with water over the fondant that was rolled out before; leave a space of ¼ between each stripe. Pass a rolling pin over both pastes to unify them. Cut straight with a scalpel the lower part and using a wavy cutter cut the top. Add the paste to the cupcake with buttercream icing. Repeat until the whole perimeter is covered; it is convenient to do it in sections to take the contour shape very well.
Neck: make a little ball in turquoise gum paste of ¾ diameter approximately and flatten it. Using a modeling tool mark the vertical stripes to imitate a turtleneck. Cut the cupcakes heads skewer stick leaving 2 ¼ approx. and insert it in the center of it. Braces: roll out sky blue gum paste of 3mm thick and ¼ wide, the length should depend on the cupcakes size (approximately 6); cut one of the ends in a V shape. Place them over the shirt (add with a bit of water) straight at the front and cross at the back; if you wish you can mark with a little modeling tool some stripes to imitate the sewing. Buttons: make a little ball in sky blue gum paste of 3mm thick and press with a modeling tool in the center; make other little ball in white gum paste and place it over the hole in the sky blue gum paste. Add it with water and mark two little dots with a modeling tool to imitate the button.
Trainers: make a ball in white gum paste of 1" diameter. then give a pear shape making it thinner from one half to backwards, flatten the thinner part. decorate with sky blue gum paste stripes. Wet with water the flatten part and place it under the cupcake. Repeat procedure for the other training shoe.
Gloves/ hands: make a little ball in white gum paste of ¾ diameter, flatten and give a tear shape; make a straight cut in the wider end and an oblique one to make thumb; then make other three straight cuts for the other fingers and make fingers ends thinner. Press on the opposite end with a modeling tool and insert it to the body over braces with a skewer stick. Repeat for the other hand inverting the oblique cut.
Cap: roll out a rectangle in sky blue gum paste of 4 wide by 2 long and 3mm thick. Roll the paste vertically and glue it around the head with a bit of water; take the union backwards. Cut the excess with scissors, shirr the top and place a button paste of ¼ diameter over the pleat; press with a little ball tool. Ears: roll out white gum paste of 3mm thick and cut an elongated tear with a scalpel, cover with a plastic bag and leave it in suspend. Roll out pink gum paste and cut a tear a little bit smaller than the previous one; superimpose over the white paste. Pass a rolling pin over both pastes to unify. Place it over the cap at one side and glue with water. Repeat procedure for one more and place it at the other side.
Place 3 fondant or gum paste little stars of different colors to imitate the shirt's buttons (add with a bit of water). Candle: place a little sky blue candle of 4 long approximately and rest it in the hand; glue it with a bit of white icing.
Decorating small cupcakes Wrappers: roll out turquoise fondant of 3mm thick and cut a rectangle following the cupcakes' diameters and high. Cut the top with a wavy cutter. Add buttercream icing to the paste and cover the cupcake. Join both ends and cut oblique with scissors. Decorate the top with frosting (yellow, pink and green), use a decorating bag and tip N°9. Decorate with fondant little stars or candies of different colors. Place the rabbit on a cake stand and the cupcakes around it.

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