How to Make a Tiny Gumpaste Baby with a Mold

This is great for baby shower cakes or cupcakes. You can create a really adorable life-like tiny gumpaste baby using a First Impressions Baby Mold. This project is also commonly referred to as "fondant babies" or "marzipan baby" Click here to buy the baby mold used in this tuorial For the project you will need:

  • Silicone baby mold (click here to order from GlobalSugar
  • White gum paste (fondant works too if used 50/50 with gum paste)
  • X-acto knife/ sharp blade
  • Paint brushes (fine tip and medium tip)
  • Petal dusts (pink, brown)
  • Gel food colors (copper/flesh tone & chocolate brown)
  • Powdered sugar
  • Vodka/lemon extract to dilute the colors

ATT00126 Get gum paste to a desired skin tone by adding a flesh tone and a touch of brown and kneading well. Make into a smooth egg shape and dust lightly with powdered sugar. Note: Please do not dust the mold with powdered sugar as it can take away the definition and shortening is not recommended.
Press the paste firmly into the mold making sure all the excess paste is pushed in to ensure clean edges.
Remove any excess fondant till you have the right amount of gum paste to fill the mold without spilling over. Place the ready mold into the frezer for 20/25 minutes.
When out of the freezer unmold by pulling the sides of the mold apart gently while pushing the back of the mold.
And voila! A gumpaste baby baby is born! NEXT Making the gumpaste baby look real
Take a tiny bit of pink petal dust (dusting the excess off the brush first) and brush on the babys cheeks, nose, ears, heels, and toes. Take a thin brush loaded a little more with the same dust to get a stronger color for the inside of the lips.
Brush light brown petal dust into all the creases/ wrinkles. (I didnt have this so I used light pink petal dust mixed with a tiny bit of cocoa powder) Also with a very thin brush paint eyebrows and eye lash crease using a diluted brown food color (needs to be very light and barely visible). You can also paint the hair with desired color. At this point the baby is already looking quite real and cute but you can add more character by adding a diaper/ clothes/ hat/ hair etc.


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